Colombia Inmaculada – Signature Series Geisha

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origin. valle del cauca

producer. julian holguin ramos

varietal. geisha

process. natural

altitude. 1,900 masl

flavour. passionfruit, yakult, longan, rambutan

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Inmaculada Coffee Farms

Inmaculada Coffee Farms is located in the village of Pichindé, a county in the municipality of Cali, located within the state of Valle del Cauca, Colombia.


Inmaculada Coffee Farms consists of 60 hectares of which 36 are planted with exotic varieties and the rest are untouched forest and facilities, nestled on the foothills of the Farallones National Park.


In 2010, Inmaculada Coffee Farms was established by the Holguin family with the goal of blending nature and quality, creating a community-oriented project. Inmaculada, located in the Andes mountains of Colombia, has excelled in producing and processing exceptional coffees. The brand has been recognized by roasters and competitors as a global guideline for exotic coffees just a few years since the venture began.


Originally from Ethiopia, the Geisha variety has become well known in Costa Rica and Panama in the early years of Specialty Coffee andIt’s globally recognized for its floral and fragrance aroma and tea-li- ke characteristics.


The Geisha tree or Abisinian is known to be a high and leafy plant; its leaves are oblong and narrow; the cherries and seeds are known to be large and can be easily recognized.

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Whole Beans, Espresso, Filter, Cold Brew, Moka

Please note there is a special grind setting for Delonghi espresso machines.