Honduras Comsa Geisha #08 Special Washed

RM 429.00

origin. marcala

producer. brayan bautista

varietal. geisha

process. special washed

altitude. 1600 masl

flavour. pineapple, citrusy, mixed floral


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Honduras Comsa Geisha #08

In the heart of Honduras, Brayan, a passionate and industrious small farmer, is dedicated to the art of cultivating coffee. His commitment to excellence shines through in the meticulous care he gives to his Geisha coffee plants. Despite being a small-scale farmer, Brayan’s devotion to quality is evident in every step of the cultivation process. From the nurturing of the coffee plants to the harvesting and processing, Brayan ensures that each bean embodies the unique characteristics of the Geisha variety.

The result is a cup of coffee that transcends expectations, boasting the distinct attributes of Geisha – a harmonious blend of flavor notes, exquisite aroma, and a consistently high quality that reflects Brayan’s dedication to his craft. Brayan’s Geisha coffee stands as a testament to the outstanding capabilities of small-scale farmers in delivering exceptional and sought-after coffee experiences.



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Weight 1 kg


Please note there is a special grind setting for Delonghi espresso machines.

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