Terroir Discovery Set – Panama Longboard

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Terroir Discovery Set #06 – PANAMA LONGBOARD GEISHA

A curated set of four roasted whole coffee beans from the same terroir but with different processing methods that allows you to explore the unique differences and nuances that comes from high quality specialty coffee.


15g Misty Mountain Geisha Natural

15g Windy Ridge Geisha Washed

15g Fennario Catuai

15g Misty Mountain Pache

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Terroir Discovery Set – Panama Longboard Geisha

Longboard Specialty Coffee is a micro-producer with 3 farms based in Boquete, Panama – Misty Mountain, Windy Ridge, and Fennario. Besides the more commonly known terroir advantages of Panama coffees, what sets Longboard coffees apart is owner Justin Boudeman’s passion and belief in science, art, and spirit of the land. With a background in Natural Resource Management and a focus in Tropical Studies, every inch of the land and its surrounding microclimate has been considered and respected in growing and producing coffees.

To fully express each coffee, there is a dim focus on consistency and yield, rather the attention is placed on maximising what the coffee can be, then harmonising that idea with actual climate conditions, meticulous farming techniques, and love.

@longboard_coffee not only has amazing tasting coffees that are carefully and thoughtfully processed but they also have the awards to show for it as they qualify for Best of Panama auction year after year with outstanding results. This is truly the stuff of dreams; processing methods & coffees that keep coffee lovers excited and inspired.


origin. chiriquí

producer. longboard specialty coffee

altitude. 1750 masl


varietal. geisha

process. natural

flavour. lychee, mango, apricot, violet


varietal. geisha

process. washed

flavour. jasmine, coffee blossom, white peach, pu-erh tea


varietal. catuai

process. natural

flavour. orange, pomegranade, coffee blossom, brown sugar, apricot, winey rose


varietal. pache

process. natural

flavour. orange blossom, yuzu, apricot, champaigne


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