One Half Coffee Roastery focuses on quality, seasonality, and harmony.

We source coffees that express terroir, showcase variety, and are purposefully processed. We believe that where coffee comes from matters and the resulting inherent flavors are what we strive to highlight.

When roasting, we focus on accentuating origin character without masking too much of it with roast-related flavors. The resulting espressos and filters are aromatic, clean, sweet, and acidity-forward; a celebration of our favorite aspects of specialty coffee.

To brew our coffees the way we intended for them to be enjoyed, we’ve come up with a brew guide for you.

We invite you to experience coffee like never before. Join us on this journey of a lifetime, and let the flavors of One Half Roastery paint your world with vibrancy.


We started out to celebrate the art and essence of coffee, endeavouring to unlock its fullest potential. Our journey starts with an unwavering respect for the seasons and the meticulous cultivation of coffee beans. The Celebration of coffee is to bring it to its fullest potential, with respect to the seasons and cultivation of the beans - from the soil up to the climate, to the labour of the farmers, the inventiveness of processing, and to the final touch of extracting coffee.

Change is apparent, we are just a couple of people with diverse lifestyles, ever-changing and blended together, embraced by fervent curiosity and relishing in the expansive, technicolor adventure of flavours through coffee.

The craft of coffee is an endless passage. So much to learn, so much to explore, our honest search for excellence is shared with you, not just in the coffee we roast & brew but our encompassing lifestyles. Come drink our coffee, have a talk with us and understand why we do what we do. We’re curious about you too. One and the other can then step out with a freshly brewed batch of perspective.