The act of freezing coffee is not something new and started with the discovery that grinding frozen coffee beans produced a narrower particle grind size distribution. This essentially just means more even grind size compared to grinding room-temp coffee beans.

This thought then extended into using the freezer for its other more widely known benefits such as preservation and longevity of food freshness. First used by specialty coffee shops then adopted by home brewers, today, saying you use a freezer as a coffee person is no longer an anomaly.

Why do we do it? The simple answer is: for variety. But of course, a lot more thought and care goes on behind the scenes. We ensure each of the coffees that are frozen have been properly rested close to peak. When you pick up a bag of frozen beans for home, you can enjoy them immediately or continue freezing them for consumption later.

We enjoy quality as much as variety and this helps us ensure we keep a healthy, exciting rotation of coffees for you!

To replicate this experience at home, we recommend:
(1) defrosting the entire bag at room-temp for at least 8 hours
(2) single-dosing your beans into air tight, freezer-safe containers
(3) labeling the coffees properly so you keep track of the goodies in your freezer