Ethiopia Alo Melt Honey

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origin. bensa

producer. tamiru tadessa

varietal. 74158

process. honey

altitude. 2,400 masl

flavour. honey, cherry, peach, hibiscus

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Embark on a flavor journey with Ethiopia Alo Melt Honey Coffee from Bensa. Delight in honey, cherry, peach, and hibiscus notes – pure coffee bliss


In the brief span of a year since its inception, Alo Coffee Export Plc, under the visionary leadership of Tamiru Tadesse, has rapidly ascended to prominence within the global sphere of specialty coffee. Tamiru’s commitment to excellence shone with his 1st Place win at the 2021 Ethiopia Cup of Excellence. This marked a pivotal milestone for Sidama Bensa farmers.


Empowering Farmers and Elevating Quality

Operating from the picturesque Alo Village, nestled at elevations of 2,400 masl, Alo Coffee has become a beacon for local coffee growers seeking to elevate their meticulously cultivated and inherently organic coffee cherries through post-harvest processing. Beyond the realms of standard commerce, the company has positioned itself as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of smallholder farmers.


Tamiru’s profound understanding of the challenges faced by smallholder families in Sidama Bensa prompted the establishment of Alo Coffee. Beyond offering premium prices for coffee cherries, the company plays a pivotal role in bridging knowledge gaps by sharing expertise in agronomy, cultivation, farm maintenance, and harvesting. Simultaneously, Alo Coffee takes a holistic approach by initiating and funding community development projects, such as building schools, contributing to the overall well-being of the communities within its purview.


Moreover, Alo Coffee alleviates smallholders of the burdens associated with post-harvest processing by overseeing the entire procedure. This strategic intervention not only minimizes risks and costs for smallholders but also empowers them to focus on sustaining the natural integrity of their land and nurturing their coffee trees for long-term prosperity.


Alo Coffee, while undoubtedly a purveyor of exceptional coffee, is equally committed to fostering positive social and environmental impact. In just one year, Tamiru Tadesse and Alo Coffee have not only captured the essence of specialty coffee. But also encapsulated a spirit of transformative change within the communities they touch.

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