LiLi Celadon Cupping Bowl (Set of 10)

RM 280.00

Material. Celadon Green Ceramic

Capacity. 110ml

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LiLi Celadon Cupping Bowl

LiLi Cupping Bowl is both convenient and beautiful. It comes with a lid that you can use to put coffee beans for rinsing the coffee grinder before grinding another batch. This will allow you to cup dozens of beans with different roasting degrees or origins all at once.

It is also economical to use 6g of ground coffee for cupping, especially when cupping expensive coffee. We recommend LiLi cupping bowl set for daily cupping and training in the workshop, roastery, and coffee shop with small number of people.


*Comes in a box of 10 cups.

We use around 6g of ground coffee for cupping for our daily cupping and QC in the roastery.

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