HARIO x Tri-Up FLOW 02 Dripper

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flow dripper

What Comes In A Set.  1 Hario X Tri-Up dripper and a 1 box of cake-shaped non woven filter paper

Design By.  Erik Liao, founder of Tri-Up Coffee

Material.  Old rocky clay (Heat-resistant up to 120°C) by Pottery Studio

Capacity.  1-2/ 3-4 cups

Filter Paper.  Cake-shaped filter paper

Made in Taiwan.





HARIO x Tri-Up – FLOW Dripper

Introducing the Hario x Tri-Up Flow Dripper – a collaborative masterpiece developed over four years in partnership with Hario. Rigorously tested by multiple coffee professionals, we proudly assert that it stands among the finest flatbed drippers in the market.

Our inspiration has always been to envision the future taste of coffee, and to achieve that, creating the right extraction environment is crucial. When we couldn’t find one, we decided to create it ourselves. After four years of dedicated development, the Hario x Tri-Up Dripper FLOW 01 is finally here.

Crafted with a ceramic flatbed bottom, this dripper boasts a thinner bed depth, ensuring a more even extraction for a cleaner cup with enhanced flavor clarity. Whether you prefer a coarser grind or an espresso fine, a quick brew, or a longer extraction time, the FLOW dripper caters to your preferences.

The name “FLOW” not only represents the innovative inner design, ensuring a steadier flow rate throughout the entire brewing process but also encourages brewers to unleash their creativity and express themselves freely – Flow with your heart.

It’s time for a transformation from the inside out. Pre-orders are now open through our website, limited to Malaysia and Singapore


Erik Liao shares his thoughts on what makes this dripper unique.


1. Uniform Extraction

FLOW’s flat-bottom design reduces the coffee bed, enhancing vertical bed uniformity. Internal structural design improves contact efficiency between coffee and water, elevating uniformity. This significantly improves quality, using fine or coarse grind, resulting in brighter flavor and increased intensity.


2. Stable Flow Rate

Flat-bottom filters often face slow flow rates later in brewing. FLOW addresses this with a thoughtful bottom rib design stabilizing flow. This stability accentuates the positive effects of uniform extraction.


3. FLOW with your heart

FLOW, without flow rate limitations, showcases rapid parameter adjustments, allowing the true expression of brewing imagination. It accommodates both fine and coarse grinding and fast or prolonged brewing. The limited production, especially in this competition version, caters to 10g-15g brewing, providing versatility for enthusiasts to explore and express themselves fully. The filter’s value lies in enhancing each brewed coffee, and Erik appreciates the collaboration with HARIO and the pottery studio in creating a product that adds value to every cup.


Design By. Erik Liao, founder of Tri-Up Coffee

Material. Old rocky clay (Heat-resistant up to 120°C) – Pottery Studio

Capacity. 1-2 / 3-4 cups

Filter Paper. Cake-shaped filter paper

Made in Taiwan.


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Additional information

Weight 0.260 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 10 × 9.5 cm

Non Woven Cake Filter Paper, Tri_Up Flow Dripper 01, Tri_Up Flow Dripper 02, Tri_Up Flow Dripper 02 Set, Tri-Up Flow Dripper 01 Set

Please note there is a special grind setting for Delonghi espresso machines.