CT62 Transit

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CT62 Transit Dripper features:

  1. The position of the horizontal groove near the bottom of the dripper as well as the shape and depth of the horizontal cross-section at the bottom of the dripper, ensure smooth extraction flow.
  2. The 62-degree incline and 24 criss-crossed grooves help to efficiently increase and maintain a fast flow rate.
  3. The design allows even extraction regardless of the pouring height and pouring position on the brew bed.

Material. Porcelain

Capacity. 1-4 cup

Filter Papers. V60 01/02

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CT62 Transit, Black edition

CT62 Coffee dripper surface texture is inspired by “Shanwen armor” from Tang Dynasty. The design of the dripper is designed and analyzed by Jeff Dayu Shi from Dragonfly Design Centre and Jake Yuan Cheng Hu from Taster’s Coffee. It features 12 long 12 short, and circled grooves at the lower end.

The design is also aimed to prevent over-extraction which will often produce a bitter, astringent, or sour taste. But preserve the aroma and flavor of the coffee.

The dripper is also designed to be 62 degrees to allow a snug fit between the filter paper and the dripper, to allow consistent extraction.

The 12 long grooves allow the flow rate to increase when the water level is high due to an increase in water pressure and decrease when the water level is low. Thus the 12 additional short grooves at the lower part of the dripper help compensate and allow the flow rate to match the flow rate when the water level is high. These grooves also help prevent clogging while brewing.

CT62 dripper has won the German Design Award 2023. It was also being used and won 1st place during the 2023 CBrC (China Brewers Cup).


Design by. Jeff Dayu Shi (Dragonfly Design Centre) and Jake Yuan Cheng Hu (Taster’s Coffee Taiwan)

Material. Porcelain

Capacity. 1 – 4 cup

Filter Papers. V60 01/02

Angle. 62°

Base size. 110mm x 112mm x 82mm

Heat-resistance Temperature 120°C Microwave, Dishwasher & Dish Dryer Safe


*Server and dripper holder sold separately

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Please note there is a special grind setting for Delonghi espresso machines.