Kinu M47 Phoenix Manual Grinder

RM 1,100.00

Model. Kinu M47 Phoenix

Body.  Stainless Steel

Knob, Hopper & Catcher. Food-safe ABS Plastics

Weight. 720g

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The Kinu M47 Phoenix Manual Grinder

The Kinu M47 Phoenix Manual Grinder delivers with a high-end experience in portable, manual coffee hand-grinders. It features extraordinary precision and reliability in producing the expected grind size ideal for brewing espresso and can comfortably grind for filter-style coffee time and time again.


Using step-less grinding, your favorite brewing method is consistently delivered. The micrometric grind adjustments of 0.01mm in difference, for 50 divisions per revolution of the settings, use four steel ball bearings that are fixed into position to ensure the smoothest action whilst grinding for the perfect cup of coffee. Black Fusion coating on the burrs decreases wear and reduces the overall static build-up.


The Kinu M47 Phoenix Grinder is the lightest of the M47 Kinu grinders, utilizing a stainless steel body, ABS Plastics on the beans hopper grinds catcher, and a silicone o-ring that attaches the catcher to the body.


Featuring precision Black-Fusion treated burrs with 0.01mm adjustment increments and a convenient silicone grip, this travel-ready grinder also boasts a lightweight silicone O-ring catch-cup.


Body:  Stainless Steel

Knob, Hopper & Catcher: Food-safe ABS Plastics

O-ring: Silicone

Dimensions : (H) 200mm (D) 52mm

Burrs: 47mm Conical Steel Burrs

Grinding Capacity: 40g

Hopper Capacity: 40g

Weight: 720g

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