Terroir Discovery Set – JH Process Series

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Terroir Discovery Set #05 – JH Process Series

A curated set of four roasted whole coffee beans from the different terroir and different processing methods that allows you to explore the unique differences and nuances that comes from high quality specialty coffee.


15g Panama Elida, Lot Andrea

15g Honduras El Puente Geisha

15g Malaysia MY Liberica

15g Ethiopia Alo 74158

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Terroir Discovery Set #05 – JH Process Series


Panama Elida, Lot Andrea, JH Natural

origin. potrerillos, dolega

producer. lamastus family

process. jh natural

varietal. geisha

altitude. 1750 masl

flavor. white floral, orange, rasberry, mango


Honduras El Puente Geisha, JH Washed

origin. marcala

producer. marysabel caballero & moises herrera

process. jh washed

varietal. geisha

altitude. 1600 masl

flavour. jasmine, coffee blossom, fresh orange, peach


Malaysia MY Liberica, JH Natural 12 Days

origin. johor, malaysia

producer. jason liew

process. jh natural 12 days

varietal. liberica

altitude. 26-30 masl

flavor. lychee, longan, rambutan, duku, sarsi


Ethiopia Alo, JH Natural

origin. bensa, sidama

producer. tamiru tadessa

process. jh natural

varietal. 74158

altitude. 2550 masl

flavor. blueberry, blackcurrant, pineapple, violet



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