Bolivia Las Alasitas Lactic Natural

RM 180.00

origin. caranavi

producer. rodriguez family

varietal. geisha

process. lactic natural

altitude. 1,650 masl

flavour. red grape, citrus, yogurt, mango

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Bolivia las alasitas

The Rodriguez family pioneers in Bolivia’s coffee industry, started their journey over 30 years ago by operating a washing station. However, when coffee production faced significant declines, they decided to venture into cultivation, focusing on producing high-quality coffee through modern estate management.

Pedro began his journey in coffee by working with small producers in Caranavi, building a wet mill to process their coffee, and educating producers to selectively handpick their cherries. He also started to process small micro-lots from each of the producers, and because of the unique combination of
heirloom varieties, rich soil and incredibly high altitudes,
the results were outstanding.



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Whole Beans, Espresso, Filter, Cold Brew, Moka

Please note there is a special grind setting for Delonghi espresso machines.