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‘My Liberica,’ a Malaysian coffee pioneer since 2011, led by owner Jason Liew, manages a 50-acre Liberica coffee plantation in Simpang Renggam, Johor. Established in 2014, their processing mill is Malaysia’s first for Liberica specialty coffee. Jason’s innovative methods position My Liberica as an introduction to non-Arabica coffee. Despite Liberica’s historical challenges in taste, it boasts twice the sugar content of Arabica, offering potential for exceptionally sweet coffee. In a 2019 collaboration, Ona Coffee and Cloud Catcher aimed to elevate Liberica’s status. Jason’s passion for experimentation led to plans for facility upgrades, overcoming challenges and ensuring exceptional coffee quality.


origin. johor, malaysia

producer. jason liew

varietal. liberica

process. jh natural 12 days

altitude. 26-30 masl

flavor. raspberry yogurt, rambutan, longan, sarsi

processing info. incorporate coffee-dried husk and inoculate with yeast and bacteria, undergoing anaerobic ferment for 12 days


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Please note there is a special grind setting for Delonghi espresso machines.

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