Colombia Mikava Boutique

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origin. santuario

producer. paul k. doyle

varietal. geisha

process. cm natural

altitude. 1750 masl

flavour. apricot, raspberry, violet, orange

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COLOMBIA Mikava Boutique

Discover Colombia Mikava Boutique Geisha Coffee: Enjoy apricot, raspberry, violet, and orange flavors.

Coffee and wine connoisseur.

During a small trip to Colombia, Paul Doyle and his son Kevin found themselves steeped in inspiration and passion. Then deciding to purchase a farm. To grow and produce the most complex and flavorful coffee the world has ever known.

Paul and his son Kevin only select and pick from the top 1% of coffee cherries. There are from Bourbon, Typica, Ethiopian Heirlooms, Dwarf Gesha, and Sudan Rume trees. Grown on a whopping 14-acre (6-hectare) farm located just outside and overlooking the town of Marsella, Risaralda in the center of the Colombian Andes.

Second Farm in Santuario

They acquired a second farm at a very high altitude (2000m) in Santuario, which was perfect for growing Gesha (Geisha) and other varietals.

Paul, Kevin, and the team succeeded with a spectacular win in the 2019 Colombia Cup of Excellence awards, with their coffee placing 1st and scoring 92.7 points. This is one of the most prestigious achievements for any coffee grower.

For over 35 years, the Doyle family has dedicated themselves to crafting the perfect cup of coffee. This endeavor shapes every step of their process, from multi-tiered raised drying beds known as a “Marquesina”.

From meticulously controlled temperature and humidity environments to employing carbonic maceration techniques, akin to those used in red wine production. Every effort is made to accentuate the complexity, sweetness, and floral notes in the roast. Through controlled environments and carbonic maceration, our coffee boasts enhanced complexity, sweetness, and floral notes for optimal enjoyment. Knowing that it is from a family that cares about every sip you take of a luscious, elegant, and full-body coffee beverage.

We believe and continue to hold Paul and Kevin’s philosophy true, that growing heirloom varieties that offer distinct and special flavor profiles grown on a farm surrounded by protected forests, nurtured by rain showers, thunderstorms, and cool breezes creates the perfect environment to produce exceptionally rare, distinctive, and award-winning coffee.

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